Following ambitious dreams is a difficult task—and figuring out where to start can be the hardest part of it. Believe it or not, even mindfulness superstars have been there. Not long ago, a self-help phenom knew he was ready for something different, but there was no clear path ahead. Here’s how a Mission Æo member started the life-changing journey that would eventually turn him into a best-selling author and very popular speaker. Take notes—his three-step plan might just make your dreams come true. It’s very easy, and you can contact any member of Mission Æo, if you need help. Join a group on our website and meditate together with our enthusiasts!

How many inspiring, intriguing, and creative ideas have you put on hold in your mind because you don’t know how to take action on them?

I know what it’s like to feel called to do something. Fifteen years ago, I felt called to be a mission member. I had a deep desire to lead, heal minds and souls, and make an impact on the world. However, I had no idea how to turn my dreams into a reality. And I already had a job—I worked in marketing. My work kept me really busy!

But I couldn’t ignore the call. So, I believed that my desire and willingness were enough to clear the path. Step by step, I took small, purposeful actions toward my dreams.

Those small purposeful actions helped me a lot. That’s what I want to talk about with you today—are you ready? How to start acting on that idea you’ve been dreaming about, meditating on, and talking about with your friends?

No matter how massive your idea may be, transforming it into your reality comes down to THREE simple, but powerful steps

Step One: Think it

You may have been avoiding thinking about your dream purposefully. When you don’t know how to act on your dream, thinking about it can be a frustrating experience. Here’s how to change this.

Begin thinking the thoughts of the greatest good for your vision. Day by day, think your way into what you want to create or achieve. Consciously think about your dream in positive and affirmative ways. Your thoughts are extremely powerful because they affect how you feel and act. Which brings us to Step Two.

Meditating girl

Step Two: Feel it

Let yourself to really feel what it would be like to be doing what you’re dreaming of. What does it feel like to be on your dream career path? To do the work in the world you’ve been wishing to bring forth? To spread an empowering message of truth?

The most powerful and direct way to do this is through meditation. For a few minutes every day, sit and meditate and let yourself develop the feeling of what you desire. Visualize all the details. Don’t restrain yourself. Revel in that good feeling, cultivate it.

This is a game-changing and useful practice. The feelings that come forth and settle in your meditations will manifest in your life and change it.

gabby bernstein on pursuing your dreams

Step Three: Take action aligned spiritually

This is the step that might be difficult to make. That’s because our ego is the place where we take action from. We think we have to push, control, obsess and make things happen. Then, when we face obstacles, our ego produces defeating thoughts like, “What did you think would happen? Who do you think you are? Come on, this plan is unrealistic. Don’t waste your time!” And that great dream is put on hold in your mind once again.

That’s why you should take the first two steps before you get into action. When you practice these steps, you get synced up with the energy of the Universe, which, in fact, is the energy of Æo. You feel a level of confidence that you may not be able to reach using your logical mind. Once you are aligned, begin taking small purposeful actions. Each day, take one step toward your dream—this is incredibly powerful. Trust yourself—you are exactly where you need to be—and take spiritually aligned actions every day.

Consider using the help of our Mission members. They will boost your vision—just ask! It’s a mutually beneficial collaboration that will improve your ability to achieve goals and give you the precious sense of community.

We believe that manifesting our goals together is a very powerful tool. Plan your journey to your future and share it with us!

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