Joint Session


The bottom line is that you need to learn conducting the sessions of manifestation almost automatically. It should not be a complicated process — regularity is more important. However, we mean the procedure only, not the manifesting effort itself. 

Try all your best for your co-manifestor and don’t think about whether your partner is doing the same. Æo will make sure you and your partner get what you both deserve.

Set Your Goal

At first, choose goals that are fairly easy for you to believe in. You need positive experience to capitalize on. Getting specific about the future you want to create will help you craft a stronger mental picture.

Prepare Visual Materials

In order to conduct a joint manifesting session, you will need images (photos, pictures) that will give your partner an idea of your goal.

First of all, you will need a picture of yourself, a picture of your target object (a certain object or a generalized one) and, maybe, a couple of additional pictures so that your partner can envision you with your goal.

For example, if one of your goals is to own a new car, take your camera down to your local auto dealer and have a picture taken of yourself sitting behind the wheel of your dream car. If your goal is to visit Paris, find a picture or poster of the Eiffel Tower and cut out a picture of yourself and place it into the picture — you can use any available software for this purpose, and it’s very easy to do. Generally, 3 pictures are enough.

You can agree any terms of joint manifestation session with your partner — just don’t make it too complicated.

Arrange a meeting in group chat

Once you have met in the chat, inform each other about your goals and exchange your pictures.

Agree between you both (or more) whose goal you will manifest first. Then, agree the duration of each manifesting subsession.

You can start with a couple of minutes to gain experience.

Start the session

If you have agreed that your goal would be manifested first, concentrate and envision it in detail. Hold onto the feelings associated with it. It should be pretty easy for you to do, since this is your own goal, and you can feel it very well.

And your partner must envision your goals as well at the same time with you.

Once the agreed time period is over, confirm it by sending a message to the chat, e.g. “End of subsession 1”.

Contintue and finish the session

Make sure you and your partner(s) are ready for the next subsession. Now, confirm starting the second subsesion by sending another message to the chat, e.g. “Start of subsession 2”.

Now, you have to envision your partner’s goal. Before that, you need to look at the images your partner had sent to you. Do this before manifesting.

Imagine your partner based on the image. Then, imagine your partner inside the situation your partner “ordered”. Be conscientious — and you will be rewarded.

When the agreed time period is over, finish the session by typing something like “End of Session” in the chat.


  • 1 Feel free to use any signals in the chat that you may find convenient for joint manifesting — the best practices may later be established as a sort of a standard.
  • 2 Practice and try your best for your partners — you will become an efficient manifestor very soon.
  • 3 You will be receiving feedback from the Universe in the form of signs — events that will reflect your movement to your goal. For example, if you want to find your life partner and manifest it as is described above, you will be encountering more people who resemble the life partner your are manifesting. Acknowledge these signs and believe in your future.


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