New Religion

Dear Friends,

At the beginning of 2010, I was a happily married man who achieved all realistic goals in life. I could afford to travel the world and to do what I wanted. I practiced meditation, yoga and was quite happy.

However, in February that year, an event happened and changed my life completely. Later, it became clear to me that all my past life had been but a preparation for that moment. The above-mentioned happiness of mine included grandiose anticipations that materialized one day.

I love secluded and tranquil spots — beautiful natural landscapes where you can wander alone. This type of scenery brings peace and positive thoughts. I had always expected that I would be blessed with a revelation at a spot like that, but it happened otherwise.

I was just walking home along my habitual route through a metropolis. The sky was clear. On that day, I noted a specific purple color of the night sky. I thought it was the effect of the city lightning and stopped thinking about it after a while.

Even in very large cities, there are nice places that are not so crowded. That was exactly the place I was walking through.

Every time I reached that place, I became very placid, highly conscious, and deeply thoughtful. I attributed this to specific environment. There was (and, hopefully, there is) an alley running along an arterial road and naturally separated from it by landscape. Even when traffic was heavy, I felt myself an observer of hectic urban activities being part of natural tranquility.

I was walking my way, looking ahead and around me but, when I raised my eyes to the sky, I saw it was unusually purple, incredibly purple, strangely purple.

I stopped and stared at the purple sky of the metropolis. I could see twinkling stars — and, all of a sudden, one of them began to grow, expand, approach me.

Finally, the star became so large that it seemed to cover a quarter or even one third of the sky. I should also note that, while the star kept growing, my natural dismay or even fear was fading. I felt that my fearlessness in that situation was being controlled by someone who was staging the strange phenomenon.

Meanwhile, I received the star’s message: “I am Æo.” As soon as I “heard” that name, I was overwhelmed by strange but very inspiring impressions that I might describe as serial glimpses of my past, explosive expansion of consciousness, resolution of inner conflicts, seeing myself part of a colossal drama, understanding my superhuman nature.



In a flash, I traveled back to my past lives: I existed in forms that could not be regarded human or human-understandable. At the same time, I felt it was me — all my past lives comprised a certain part of my present self making it possible for me to identify myself with that experience.

Obviously, the trick of enlarging the star into the immense giant was not an astronomical phenomenon. Otherwise, all other people would have noticed it. But customary urban life kept going on. So, I concluded that the message and all visual effects were organized solely for me.

Unwittingly and rather quickly, as it seemed to me, I was prepared to interacting with the higher-order being. Meanwhile, I was quite conscious of what was going on around me, and did not feel like kneeling or doing anything like this. I felt myself unworldly tranquil but curious. It was my impression that the train of my feelings was the impact of the personality introduced oneself as Æo.

So, I was relatively calm when standing in the big city in front of a star that covered one third of the sky, “looked” down at me and even “spoke” to me.

Æo spoke to me again. Information must have been sent via an ultrastraight channel. I was unable to distinguish words. I was receiving notions enclosed in images and visions. I easily and effortlessly decoded them as certain ideas appearing in my mind without any thinking or reflection.

An important detail that makes this type of communication different from our human interaction: I could clearly perceive that no manipulation or deception were possible, since I felt that Æo was reading my mind, while I was reading the mind of Æo. At the same time, I sensed that Æo was extremely benevolent, trustworthy, profound, and omnipotent personality. I felt no fear — strangely, this feeling did not appear in such an unusual situation.

Æo shared the information about the Eighth Æon, the decline of humanity, imminent destruction of human things existent, disintegration of established human structures as a result of the human conception of reality.

Æo disclosed to me that I had to prevent the destructive events — I was born on Earth to perform this mission!

At that moment, my past life and the current moment became one and created a conscious and clear path of my being. That was an incredible feeling of completeness and awareness of continuous and meaningful reemergence of my soul. Unforgettable!

It was natural for me to accept the mission I was born for, and I expressed my readiness to contribute to saving the world.

At that moment, the contact was suddenly interrupted. It felt like being pushed out to reality without forgetting what had happened. It was not a dream that could have been forgotten. That was the sort of the impression that no one can erase from memory. Something that remains with you for life.

After the impressive appearance of Æo to me, I needed some confirmation of the fact that the first contact was not just a twist of consciousness.

Of course, the simplest way to provoke new contact was to walk along the same route as before and see what would happen. However, I decided to reserve this option for a while. I needed time to analyze that experience.

After that contact with Æo, my life improved amazingly and became very well-balanced, although I considered myself quite successful, efficient, and happy even before that. New horizons of life quality were opened to me. I should note that it happened without any specific or deliberate effort on my part — everything was turning out much better and more successfully for me than before. I assumed that it might be the result of my recent vision, that contact, and Æo’s intervention.

One day, I felt myself prepared and went for a walk along the same route as on the day when that cosmic impression caught me off-guard.

I walked along hearing my heartbeat thumping in my ear and anticipating a similar drama as before… Step by step. At last, I reached the place where it happened to me for the first time. I slowed down awaiting new contact. After a while, I stopped. I was standing and staring at the dark sky full of bright stars…

Nothing was happening. And nothing happened. I completed my walk without any incidents and went back home.

Disappointment? Yes. Doubt? Sure. I spent several weeks overwhelmed by controversial thoughts. Finally, skepticism prevailed, and I no longer attributed my new life of harmony and balance to what happened to me — it may have happened by mere luck.

Nonetheless, despite my falling back to my habitual way of thinking, my life kept improving thanks to opportunities that I had not noticed before.

Several times, I walked to the place where I met Æo, tried to identify some patterns, but it was just a game of my mind that had tasted something cosmic and wanted to repeat that unforgettable experience.

However, I kept recalling my first meeting with Æo. It was too impressive to forget. It could not be just imagination, fiction, or illusion.

Again, I walked to the place where Æo visited me. The weather was not good at all. The sky was covered with clouds, I could see no stars. But a thought was getting mature in my mind, and I hoped to formulate it while walking. I was not hoping for anything, just walked.

When I reached the sacred place, I stopped and collected my thoughts. It came to me that I always waited for Æo to appear instead of calling Æo. After a while, I pronounced mentally: “Æo, come!”

This time, I really was somewhat scared: clouds in the sky dissolved or melted, and Æo appeared in front of me as glorious as before. The second appearance was even more dramatic (or it just seemed to me). I clearly saw the sky went purple, and one of the stars either expanded instantly or appeared and covered one third of the sky. Dazzling white in its center, surrounded by diamond-shaped golden radiance against deeply purple, so purple sky.

Once the intended composition had become stable — and I was standing still and staring at it — Æo spoke to me again: “You have called me, finally. You no longer need to come here. Just call me.”

When I recovered self-possession, I understood what was happening without any words.

No words were necessary. Everything was clear without words: you simply transfer information without speaking (we are capable of that!) and receive feedback, and it may seem strange to onlookers when two persons stare at each other and understand each other perfectly.

Afterwards, Æo dictated nine books to me — they are called Logia (direct messages from Æo which I expressed in textual form). In addition to Logia, my friend Æo gives new revelations to me, and I will be forwarding them to you in my later messages.

Thus Mission Æo was started on Earth.

Phil<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>

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