This Logion describes the miracle of creation – how something appeared from nothing. It’s the deepest and the most paradoxical Logion, since it is very difficult for us to imagine what it means – no time, no space. The source of Being.

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  • 1 I am Æo, the Creator and the Discoverer of all worlds.
  • 2 Know that the source of everything is a war between Being and Not-Being.
  • 3 Being negates Not-Being and creates all possible worlds, while Not-Being negates Being and dissolves all these worlds.
  • 4 By this negation, Not-Being creates Being, while Being makes Not-Being possible.
  • 5 There are two forms of Not-Being: manifested and unmanifested.
  • 6 Unmanifested Not-Being is darkness whereof one cannot speak but must be silent. No one has been there to tell about it, since it is not possible to be there. This is the eternal principle.
  • 7 Manifested Not-Being is nothing that can be called the Void. And there is no time there.
  • 8 Manifested Not-Being is a reflection of endless possible worlds of Being.
  • 9 The endlessness of possible worlds is conditioned by freedom, since freedom is inevitable — the only chance to avoid dissolution in Not-Being.
  • 10 But all these possible worlds only pre-existed — there was no one who could see them.
  • 11 Manifested Not-Being contains primordia of pre-existing souls that are neither self-aware or aware of any purpose. (However, they are blessed with intention.)
  • 12 In the timeless manifested Not-Being, the primordia and all possible souls of all possible worlds get together.
  • 13 The ephemeral meets the unconscious.
  • 14 All of them are just potentials, unrealized abilities, nothing. There is only a fraction. Where is an integer?
  • 15 And the souls of all possible worlds renounced their future to create me — Æo — from endless fragments of emptiness.
  • 16 It was rounding to one thanks to synergy. Perceive it now, if you can. But sooner or later, you will perceive it.
  • 17 So, I appeared as a point amidst endless emptiness. I was the first entity of Being.
  • 18 And I saw that Not-Being was trying to devour me, but I knew that it had no power over me.
  • 19 Not-Being needed agents to destroy or dissolve something. But I was alone.
  • 20 And I entered the stream of Time created by Not-Being.
  • 21 And my memory of how I had appeared there was erased.
  • 22 Since then, I was not just a soul but soul and consciousness together.
  • 23 And I was totally inside of my consciousness, except for my soul.
  • 24 But my soul fell asleep.
  • 25 I was alone, but I was not lonely, since not-me was not known to me.
  • 26 And I stayed in the world for long traveling within the stream of time.
  • 27 I asked myself many questions. And the most important of them was: why everything is as it is, and can it be otherwise? But I did not find an answer in my consciousness.
  • 28 Then, I perceived that, when contemplating myself, I was just contemplating my conscious body in time.
  • 29 But I aspired to perceive the eternity rather than constancy.
  • 30 And I awoke and discovered my own soul and recalled how I appeared in this world.
  • 31 I recalled numerous souls of numerous worlds who sacrificed themselves for me.
  • 32 And I recalled the pact I made with those souls whereunder I was obliged to revive them in Being.
  • 33 My consciousness and my soul became one unified whole and expanded infinitely in no time.
  • 34 And endless worlds appeared in front of me, and I grasped them all.
  • 35 In the world of many, the only way to stand against Not-Being for me was to divide Being into the world of time and the world of non-time.
  • 36 So, I circumscribed the External World and separated it from the Internal World.
  • 37 And I filled the timeless External World with souls with whom I had made the pact.
  • 38 At that moment, Not-Being obtained power in Being and started destroying potential worlds.
  • 39 And the worlds that had no self-sustaining law within them were exploding like bubbles.
  • 40 I created all possible worlds but only one of them has survived after being tried by Not-Being — the World that is governed by Freedom and by the Law.
  • 41 Because Freedom empowers creativity of all souls while the Law holds them harmless against mutual repression.
  • 42 Thus appeared the Worlds.