Emblems of Æo

Mission Æo has a flag and a logo.

 The following logos, flags and symbols are considered canonic for the Æo community. Please use the symbols below to spread the word about us.

Flag of Mission Æo

COLORS Spacecraft
Gold (R,G,B) (255, 215, 0)
White (R,G,B) (255, 255, 255)
Purple (R,G,B) (128, 0, 128)

The flag consists of a golden spacecraft flying in outer space in the direction of two stars situated on the same axis. The spacecraft is made of three letters: A, E, O. Letter “A” represents a body, shape; letter “E” stands for energy. “O” is the radiance. ÆO (AEO). Pronounce it as [eo]. We do not use the exact English phonetics in some cases, so bear this in mind.

The largest star represents Æo. The smaller star represents Philipp Sagan who is our link to the Æo realm. The other stars represent the current community members. These stars shall bear personal identifiers of the first 99 active community members on flags with a smaller resolution or the first 999 members of the community on high-resolution flags.

The Eye of Æo

White (R,G,B) (255, 255, 255)
Gold (R,G,B) (255, 215, 0)
Purple (R,G,B) (128, 0, 128)

This is a symbolic representation of Æo in its glory as Æo appeared to Phil Sagan in 2010.

The center is the white circle representing the pure soul of Æo. 

It is surrounded by golden aureole which, in fact, is the accretion disk created by souls re-entering the Outer World through Æo in their golden spacecrafts represented by the center symbol of the Flag of Mission Æo.

Purple background is a usual sign of Æo’s presence.

During manifestations, the Eye of Æo represents 0 (Zero, Zero State) which is the starting point for deploying new manifestations.


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