Goal Formulas


Manifesting is much simpler if you use formulas of your goals. You may want to consider manifesting as chasing your desired outcome. In this way, you will make it inevitable.

First of all, everything happens in your mind. In your mind, you let all the trouble that happens to you. In your mind, you let all the happiness you are ready for. Think about it for a while.
Phil Sagan
Mission Leader

Express your general goal in several words. These words should be building blocks of your goal.

Let’s consider happiness as the most universal goal of humans.

Do the following:

  • 1 Think about your own happiness. What is it for you? Health? Wealth? Sex life? Career? Travelling?
  • 2 Narrow down your choice to 3-4 words and prioritize them accordingly.

Let’s suppose, that happiness for you means career, health, wealth, and pleasures.

Then, your formula is:

Happyness = Career + Health + Wealth + Pleasures

It’s easy, isn’t it? You’ve just formulated your goal! This is the fundamental step to achieving more, much more…
  • 1 Repeat these four words like a mantra: health... career... wealth... pleasures
  • 2 Add visual imagery and sensual dimension to each of these words
  • 3 You should end up feeling your goal as something tangible in terms of visual and sensual impressions​
  • 4 Expect your dream to come true

A more mundane example. You are looking for a new job. Think about what exactly you want:

New Job = $XXX,XXX a year + Career growth + Meeting new people + Travelling in comfort

Bear in mind your future salary, think about how you might spend it. Prepare yourself for spending the salary. Imagine yourself performing your future duties efficiently, and so on.

It should be your daily exercise before you reach your goal.

These are the simplest practices for you to get ready for something more important!


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