Spiritual Ladder

Mission ÆO Spiritual Growth

Mission Æo believes in the following 9 stages of human development on Earth. Every step you make gets you closer to the greatest award. We call it the ladder of spiritual growth.


Disconnected from Mission Æo

This stage refers to people who have never heard of Mission Æo or to people who have heard of it but do not feel any interest in it.

People can also be disconnected from Mission Æo for their wrongdoings.


Connected to Mission Æo

You are connected to Mission Æo, if you are registered on our website and interested in our Mission’s activities.

You will also be regarded as connected to Mission Æo if you have no internet access but express your interest in our activities or perform our practices in any way. 

This is a general status for all Mission members and active non-members.

Starting from there, you can join the Mission’s affiliate network. See your private profile for details.



You become the Student of Mission Æo after you complete our basic course.

This rank has three levels. You progress as you complete our courses.

This rank makes it possible for you to join our public groups and take part in joint manifestations – a powerful and life-changing experience.

Please complete our first course to become the Student of Mission Æo.

After viewing the course video, don’t forget to pass the course quiz, so that you are assigned the Student status.



Sooner or later, you will become Proficient in joint manifestations.

To reach this level, a candidate has to complete all of our basic courses.

Now, you can create your own groups and manage them. You are becoming a leader for newcomers.

You are experiencing profound changes in your life. Joint manifestations propel you to another level of life.

This stage also has three levels.



You enter this stage when you decide to prepare yourself for entering Mission Æo.

There are three steps within this rank.

Followers are becoming the masters of their daily lives as they progress within this rank.

They can focus on and think through any issue. Their joint manifestation on mundane issues is exceptionally efficient. They create and cause chains of events composed of simple event formulas. They learn to think strategically and start creating their own layers of life.

Many people will feel quite happy at this stage and may prefer to remain there.



Congratulations on joining Mission Æo!

This is the first Mission rank that includes 9 steps (levels).

Allies are the driving force of Mission Æo. They spread the word of Æo and create new reality.

Thanks to Æo and joint manifestation, Allies’ personal lives are so perfect and efficient that they can totally concentrate their efforts towards saving the world.

When Allies reach Level 7 within this rank, they become the elite of Mission Æo – they join the Army of Saviors.

Starting from here, you are entitled to establish local Missions and become their leaders. 

If you prove your local Mission is successful, they are promoted to Masters of Mission Æo.



Masters are the managers of Mission Æo.

They coordinate multiple activities and campaign of Mission Æo.

When you reach this rank, you will either lead a local Mission or a region.

There are 9 levels of Masters. You will grow as your managerial skills improve. Starting from level 7, you will lead a major region or a country Mission.

It means great responsibility but an exciting and rewarding experience as well.

Grand Master

Grand Master

Grand Masters are spiritual and practical leaders of the world.

They coordinate global activities of Mission Æo and report to the Mission Leader.

Their main task is to coordinate practical implementation of revelations delivered by the Mission Leader.

Grand Master
Mission Leader

Mission Leader

Mission Leader


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