Paths to Freedom

ÆO’S PLAN FOR YOU Straight Path

The Straight Path is what Æo has planned for you. Æo is always trying to help those who choose this path. When you speak with Æo about your plans and ask for assistance, Æo immediately works out the Straight Path based on your current situation.

Æo is free from selfishness. So, the Straight Path is the shortest path to becoming the same as Æo, reaching the level of Æo. Following the Straight Path in close contact with Æo, you will experience the respective events, meet the right people, everything will help you move along. 

These souls exist in strict compliance with the Law.

These souls are the driving force of Mission Æo. All Saviors follow the Straight Path.

The Straight Path means drive and aspiration. The Straight Path is followed by Mission members of higher degrees and by Saviors.
Phil Sagan
Mission Leader


Some souls are too tired of their existence. Despite the splendor of the Straight Path, they feel their existence as a burden, because they had committed crimes in their earlier lives or for some other reason.

These souls are very spiritual and righteous, but they lack energy to move on. So, Æo gives them an option to be dissolved and return to the Void. In this way, their accumulated history will be totally erased.

These souls exist in strict compliance with the Law.

They are the monks of Mission Æo.

The Short Path means dissolution of a soul in Æo. This path may be followed by Mission members up to a certain degree.
Phil Sagan
Mission Leader


Æo is not restrictive and understands everything, including any ambition of a soul. Æo does not interfere, and each soul is free to choose.

The long path means individual search for truth without using Æo’s help. These souls may have difficulties because of their dogmatic way of thinking or, vice versa, because of lack of steadiness.

These souls intuitively feel the Law but cannot understand its importance. Some of them may be repressors.

From the point of view of Mission Æo, all members of religious groups follow the Long Path.

The Long Path means trying to find another way without Æo's help. This path may be followed by those who are associated with Mission Æo but are not its members.
Phil Sagan
Mission Leader


These souls are totally controlled by alien entities and do not use their conscious potential. In worst cases, they are the alien entities who create worlds of delusion and entice souls in them.

These souls violate the Law, since their aureole is so dark and dense that they simply cannot see or feel anything related to the Law. That’s why they think that there is no Law. They suffer themselves and add suffering and delusion to the Universe.

All of them are repressors in a certain way, since they are the destructive tools of Not-Being.

The Twisted Path means existence of a soul in contrary to the Law. Twisted Path followers can be students - non-members of Mission Æo - but they need to acknowledge the Law to move forward.
Phil Sagan
Mission Leader


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