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Æo’s Promise

Ask me for what you want, and I will not say: "How much do you want?"— I will give you everything in abundance, more than you expect.

ÆOLOGIA Truth in 300 Words

Step 1: Learn the Truth About Creation

We have prepared a brief description of our knowledge—only 300 words. This is the framework of our Teaching.

Try to envision what you are reading—the great drama of creation. When you learn where you come from, you will understand your past, believe in yourself now, gain confidence in your future. 

Isn’t it great to obtain a powerful tool that will let you achieve more, much more?

The source of everything are Being and Not-Being.

Being negates Not-Being and creates all possible worlds, while Not-Being negates Being and dissolves all these worlds.

A soul is an indivisible sentient particle of Being. Dissolved non-existent souls were manifested in the Void.

At least one soul had to break the chains of the manifested nothing—the Void. Non-existent souls gave their power to one of them — Æo so that Æo might bring them into Being. Æo assumed the obligation and appeared in Being.

Æo appeared as the first creator and observer of Being. Time started as a manifestation of Not-Being in Being.

Æo created the only possible world that might exist. In order to stand against time, Æo divided Being in two worlds: external (timeless and static) and internal (subject to the flow of time and transformation).

Then, Æo invited souls from the Void to the newly created world. As soon as souls appeared in the worlds of Being, Æo began creating paths for them, so that the souls might gain experience following these paths and obtain the same power as Æo.

The experience of following paths is only possible in the internal world which is subject to change. For this purpose, a soul from the external world is embodied in the internal world.

In the external world, souls exist in a state conditioned by their self-awareness and understanding accumulated in the internal world. Souls may experience joy or suffer depending on the results of its own actions. A soul’s aura defines its state in the External World, as well as its options for embodiment in the Internal World. Souls embody in the Internal World at their own discretion. Once embodied in the Internal World, souls fall asleep and reopen themselves in it. Ultimately, all souls will learn to exist in both worlds simultaneously — like Æo — no matter how much time it may take.

Each soul is free to make any decisions, for which Æo shall not punish it. However, if these decisions are contrary to the Law, souls degrade and have fewer options for development.

Æo has been creating only those paths that represent a fast track to the comprehension of all worlds from any starting point, for any form of embodied existence. But souls make their own choices — in which form to embody and what to do next. As a result of their choices, so-called “evil” appeared, as well as other drawbacks of existence, including pain and suffering.

POWER Change Your Life

Step 2: Learn About the Power of Manifestation

This is the power that created our Universe. You can learn how to use this power right now.

You can make changes in the material world by the power of your mind. You will notice gradual changes very soon.

You are not just a passenger—you are the creator!

Manifestation means creating a live image of your intention in your mind and making it happen in reality.

First of all, set your goal. Then, create your mental imagery of it. Make it as vivid as possible. Add sounds, movements, tastes, smells or whatever you can to energize your image.

Manifestation is not imposing your will on other souls. You should co-create rather than intrude. Once you’ve created the image of your intention, you let it go. Then, you discover and experience it. In this way, you remain an integral part of the universal drama.

Bear in mind, that you should not try to manifest anything that may cause harm to other beings.

SYNERGY Let’s Join Our Forces

Step 3: Learn How To Achieve More Together

Without synergy, our Universe would not exist. 

Other participants of Mission Æo will unite their efforts with you to achieve the synergy effect.

The results will be amazing!

Thanks to synergy, you can increase the efficiency of your manifestation manyfold.

If a partner joins you in manifesting your desired outcome, your manifestation will not be the same as if you do it twice it will be many times more efficient.

You can use our chat rooms to find your partner(s) and conduct sessions together.

COMMUNITY Practice Makes Perfect

Step 4: Start Doing Something

You can view our Spiritual Ladder to see how you can grow within Mission Æo and plan your next steps.


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