Mundane Ladder

Mission ÆO Mundane Growth

Mission Æo believes that its members should be successful in their everyday lives.  And the Teaching of Æo provides all the necessary tools.

Each step reflects the degree of your material success. Climbing the ladder of material maturity, we are proving that the Teaching of Æo is absolutely versatile and comprehensive to cover all areas of life.

Finally, both the Spiritual and the Mundane Ladders become one integral path of growth for each soul embodied on our planet.


Amber Grades
(I and II)

Amber grades are for newcomers who want to learn basic principles of manifesting. Each grade has 3 levels. By completing each of our basic courses, you are promoted to the next level.

Amber grades are for acquiring the information you need to move forward to Emerald grades.


Emerald Grades
(III and IV)

Each Emerald grade also consists of 3 levels.

Here, you have to conquer your first peak. This is the first really challenging phase when you have to use your knowledge, do something and achieve a result.

While climbing up, you learn how to control material issues, make your dreams come true. When you reach Emerald Grade IV, you will become financially independent (if you were not before) or perceive the true role of wealth in your life.


Azure Grades
(V and VI)

Once you’ve reached material success or balanced your vision of the mundane, more meditative approach becomes possible. It does not mean doing nothing, but you will no longer have to work, force yourself to do something.

You may continue your active development as a mundane player or prefer to relax and enjoy life. You have so many options here.


Ruby Grades
(VII and VIII)

After calm period of contentment of Azure Grades, you may feel like scaling new heights.

With so much mundane power, you are capable to become a social driver and generator of breakthrough ideas – you can lead people.

You also have an option to move forward individually, since you no longer depend on anything or anyone. This period is good to eliminate the few drawbacks you may still have and reach perfection.


Purple Grade

Reaching this stage gives you an incredible feeling of completeness.

It means that you have resolved ALL your inner conflicts. 

Finally, you have reached the state of mundane perfection. You can contemplate about your future embodiments and pave the way for them.

This is the climax of your mission on Earth.



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