Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of this site is to tell people about recent revelations received from Æo, our Creator. Apart from this, this is the site for conducting joint practices and making Earth a better place to live on.

What exactly do people do on this website?

Here, people unite the power of their minds in order to change their lives for the better. By mastering the theory and practice of Æologia, they gain power to break free from mundane limitations and experience real life which is far from that miserable existence that we call normal life. This website offers simple exercises to improve concentration and the Power of Manifestation that are required for successful practice. The culmination point is when people use their trained and informed minds to manifest (æolize) each others’ desired events and outcomes.

Advanced users of this website will join Mission Æo and become leaders of mankind.

What is manifesting?

Mundane manifesting is a process when a single person or a group of people envision particular events or qualities. Æo, our Creator, perceives their imagery and reflects it in the form of the respective developments (changes).

Manifesting requires restarting your mind. It is easy to do. Just learn how to use the following simple practice. Count down mentally from 9 to 0. When counting down, imagine that your mind becomes clear of distracting thoughts. When you reach 0, pause for a while and capture the feeling of having no thoughts (Zero state). The longer you can keep your mind in this state, the better (reasonably). Then, count back from 1 to 9 and return to your normal state of mind.

The Zero state is when you have absolutely NO thoughts or feelings. Once a distinct thought, feeling or sensation appears, count back from 1 to 9 and return to your normal state.

This is prework for individual and joint manifestation.

How to manifest individually?

Nine steps for successful individual manifestation:

  1. Scan yourself or your current situation mentally.
  2. Formulate your goal(s), what you want to change. You can do this mentally or you can do this in written form in advance.
  3. Relax and feel your current "I" or your current situation. Simply grasp the feeling, do not make it a process.
  4. Count down from 9 to 0 to remove distracting thoughts. When counting, envision that you're disconnecting from your current "I" or situation. Feel your current "I" or situation is being dissipated.
  5. Once you've counted to 0, envision the Eye of Æo. 
  6. Concentrate on the Eye of Æo for a while, if you have time. Try not to have any thoughts.
  7. Then, begin to deploy your desired reality. Envision it. Feel it.
  8. When you finish, return to your normal state of mind but try not to disconnect yourself from what you've just envisioned.
  9. Discover signs of your manifestation in the reality. Record any sign, any thought, any event that confirms your manifestation becoming true.
How to manifest jointly?

Don't be obsessed with individual manifestation. Once you've learned how to manifest, seek co-manifestors. Thanks to the synergy of joint manifestation, you will reach your goals much easier.

  1. As a participant of a joint manifestation, prepare an illustrative visual material so that your co-manifestor can easily envision your situation by viewing a few images. Be creative. If you need, use a graphics editor and insert your photo into the image of your dream.
  2. Obviously, you will need your own photo (you can share your social media account, for example).
  3. Create a small script of what your co-manifestor should envision for you. Just 3-4 steps.
  4. Each co-manifestor must comprehend the ethical side of the process. Noone can immediately make sure that each co-manifestor is honestly performing the role. Deceit will come at a high cost. Unscrupulous co-manifestors will become carmic debtors.
  5. The remaining part of co-manifestors is quite easy to perform if they have sufficient visual material. There are no barriers, and you can envision anything about a stranger.
  6. Before you begin manifesting, count down from 9 to 0 to remove distracting thoughts. Once you've counted to 0, envision the Eye of Æo.
  7. Then, proceed with your co-manifestation.

And this is the great power of co-manifestation. Seek responsible co-manifestors and grow with them!


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