How to Manifest


Manifestation is a process when someone envisions certain events or outcomes in a certain way in order to materialize them in real life. 

For example, if you want a new car, you can envision it and try to feel that you already own that car.

This is the ideal situation, of course. Normally, everything is not that simple.

In order to manifest successfully, one requires certain minimal powers of concentration. A simple test – you can successfully materialize events using the power of your mind if you can mentally count down from 99 to 1 with eyes open or closed without being distracted. You can try this. For some people, it is not easy. At any rate, if you practice, you will succeed some time.


Another problem with individual visualization is that you know you don’t have that car while trying to feel that you have it. As a result, your mind sends contradictory signals that ruin the power of your mental imagery. And the more you want that car, the more you feel that you don’t have it. It’s because you care about this too much.

So, how do we use manifestation here, on this website? And what can help us solve the above problems?

It has been tested and proven in practice that people reach their goals when they don't care about them very much and let the course of events develop in a natural way.

Who could care less about you and your goals than a stranger? What if you bargain between the two of you and that stranger imagines what you want, while you do the same for the stranger? For example, you and the stranger spend 2-3 minutes imagining you achieving your goal. After this, you change the subject and spend the same time imagining the stranger’s issue. The result will overwhelm you.

But how can we imagine someone we don’t know and never met? Thanks to quantum physics and the Internet, this problem can be solved. The procedure is as follows:

  • 1 You meet in an online chat room in order to communicate with each other and synchronize the process
  • 2 You exchange pictures of you and, maybe, of what you want to get through the chat. For example, your picture and the picture of that car. Now, you have all you need to imagine that stranger’s situation.

After some practice, it will take minutes but the result will far exceed all your expectations. The number of participants is only limited by the time you can allocate for a session, but the more participants, the more powerful results can be achieved.

Here, we will not give answers to such questions as “what if the guy on the other side is doing nothing for me while I am trying hard for him here” or “how can it work if we are in different parts of the world?”

Our purpose now is just to give you the overall idea.


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