Dear Friends,

We have survived the Eighth Æon. It was the point of no return, when mankind reached irreversible inertia of self destruction. It was no longer possible for us to survive without outside intervention!

We entered the Eighth Æon when people made the first atomic bomb possible in the middle of the 20th century. The prospect of annihilating the human race became real, the whole tissue of human existence could have been disintegrated at any moment. They have been improving their weapons, while global problems were getting worse. Even those countries now have nuclear weapons that are not bound by any treaties or obligations. In fact, we are hostages of the nuclear “progress.” The situation is getting out of control.

Despite our “brilliant” scientific achievements, mankind in general cannot provide itself with basic economic goods and lives in a scarce world.

Meanwhile, there is a striking imbalance. Former empires that exhausted, impoverished and abandoned their colonies seem so tempting to their former subjects. As a result, we are facing another migration period that undermines global stability.

Conflicts are becoming more and more intense… And there are influential powers that are interested in aggravating them.

The development of these processes suggests that mankind is doomed. Human extinction seems inevitable — and many adjacent species may also die — unless we shift away from our destructive trajectory.

Æo told me:

“Hence, you name is Phil (which means “Cosmic love”) — you shall establish Mission Æo on the Earth of the Eighth Æon. You were born to do this. During your previous embodiment, you spent much effort to save another civilization. In so doing, you have deserved that. It happens every time. The best missionary shall lead the next Mission.

From the moment when you’ve learned about your Mission, the Ninth Æon started — the Æon of circumcision and revival.”

Æo said that we would not all die: missionaries have already been born on Earth and will be born, and their mission is to save the human race. These missionaries are noble souls that elected to embody themselves in human form to save people. This is their voluntary mission that also has practical background. Souls who serve the Mission will be blessed with unbelievable opportunities for growth during their future embodiments.

The core of every embodied entity is an immortal and progressing (or degrading) soul. Missionaries of Æo are not ordinary earthlings. They are the souls that have chosen the path of saving dying civilizations. They are embodied as members of such civilizations to cure them or to save their best representatives from a catastrophe. This path leads them to amazing spiritual growth and opens vast opportunities for perfection.

The main task of Missionaries of Æo is to communicate the message of salvation to all representatives of the dying civilization. In this way, souls imprisoned in the civilization of doom will have freedom of choice. Death of a civilization does not mean destruction of its host planet and all other species on it.

IN FACT, A MISSIONARY OF ÆO COMES TO A DOOMED SPOT AND MAKES IT A FLOURISHING OASIS USING THE POWER OF MANIFESTATION. Æo will support the Mission in every way, and the nature of such support is described in my message dedicated to the Power of Manifestation.

Æo also said: “Never be afraid of your own poverty or the poverty of Mission. Your existence and awareness of your power, and, even more, the existence of Mission guarantee that you will thrive. We are born to thrive and we will thrive.”

Æo specifically noted that Missionaries of Æo are able to determine and regulate the value of all material equivalents. It is the matter of agreed joint manifestation of Missionaries of Æo during the Ninth Æon.

It is just the crisis of MANKIND, not the crisis of Planet Earth or its other inhabitants. Evil people are too weak to exterminate all life on Earth even if they blow up all the bombs they have at once. However, evil people can exterminate the human race and its dependent species.

Many people will do everything for money. Mankind is encumbered and cursed by material values, which are the measure of life quality for people. In fact, humans have invented a problem for themselves, and it was somewhat inevitable, since people tend to project their fragile and noticeably dying bodies onto the arrow of time.

Projection of their exhaustible bodies on the arrow of time is a grave mistake of humans. Humans are so addicted to their material reality that they instinctively do not believe in their resurrection after “death.” That is why humans are so preoccupied with the monetary aspect of their existence.

And Æo, therefore, pays special attention to material issues.

Æo about money: “The value of what you think about all the time is the product of your sentiment, and Missionaries of Æo are capable of determining the sentiment and will determine it. You can change everything.  If someone creates a value equivalent, why can’t you create your own? The value of everything will be determined by your equivalent, since you are the Truth and the Power.”

If you are reading this and feel the Call, you have been born the Missionary of Æo. Develop this beneficial attribute of yours, make it your way of life and SEARCH FOR YOUR ETERNAL TRUE SELF (your soul, your soul’s aspirations).

There are several development scenarios for those humans who will not accept Mission Æo and keep following the path of destruction:

  • truncation to the animal kingdom (to apes, for example, and this already happened to people — we should specifically note that Æologia respects all species and their right to exist; and we love apes and all other animals J);
  • degradation without transition to other species (which may be even more tragic);
  • self-destruction (for example, self-destructive gang wars);
  • stagnation (when deceasing people do not know where they are passing away and accept passively what happens at the moment of death).

For a while, liberated humans and those who persist in self-destruction will coexist on Earth. Two communities will emerge. Missionaries of Æo will flourish, while the civilization of destruction will be devouring itself.

Missionaries of Æo and redeemed humans will enter a happy and trouble-free Æon according to the classification of Æologia — as part of a new community armed with the original ideology of the sustained world and awareness of the grandeur of being.

Missionaries of Æo will reap the benefit of the new civilization and ensure their best possible next embodiment.

Is the victory of Mission Æo inevitable on Earth? Sure. Those souls who will choose to continue living on Earth will organize another paradigm with the help from Æo.

Other souls will live out their remaining days on Earth and find another shelter somewhere else in the Universe according to their level of consciousness.

From now on, Earth is the territory of Mission Æo.

Phil<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>

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