Ethics of Æo

Ethics Basics

Æologia is a way of thinking. Æologia is a lifestyle. Æologia is an integral part of our existence.

Our ethics is a framework for our future society. It describes how people will live on this planet and interact with each other. The realm of Mission Æo means a world-wide community of like-minded people who share the same idea of their future. Most people want to be prosperous, successful, healthy, and want the same for those they love. This is what Æologia is about.

The basis of the Æo ethics is letting all people live their lives, implement their programs, and realize their intentions. Moreover, Æo tries hard to help us.

Members of the Æo community believe that we live in a multi-layer world. The number of layers is the same as the number of beings inhabiting our planet. It means we experience exactly what each of us wants or expects. Other people may live in the same house with us and live a different life, have different impressions, experience more or less pleasure as compared to us. In the same situation, some people may be happy or unhappy.

Ethics Natural Laws

So, what is the tool for controlling the quality of our lives? Manifesting your future defines your attitude to your life and, eventually, defines the course of events that happen to you.

Æologia allows anything unless it violates natural rights of an existing creature, be it a man, animal, etc. All creatures have the right to live and prosper.

Æologia promotes prosperity, since it means abundant opportunities to develop. Poverty means restrictions. Prosperity means new opportunities and new experience. All members of the Æo community and, in particular, Mission Æo will become prosperous. Being prosperous is inevitable, if you practice Æologia. Poverty is a product of fear. Wealth is a product of trust to the world you live in. You cannot feel fear if you know that you are creating your life right now and have been creating it since the beginning, and you do not depend on anything or anyone. The people of Æo believe that they live in a world they have been creating themselves from the beginning. In order to improve the world, they need to improve their way of thinking and use the Power of Manifestation.

Ethics Manifest with Care

We may manifest any future developments if this vision does not violate the rights of other living creatures. There is a concept of “rape” in the Æo community. It means doing something to a living creature that the creature cannot consciously agree to due to lower level of development or current state of that creature. Taking advantage of someone’s physical or psychological weakness is the act of rape. Any activity is not a problem unless it violates the concept of rape or then-current legislation of the respective jurisdiction.

When manifesting in a situation when you are facing competition and want to win, never manifest anyone’s failure. By manifesting failure for your competitors, you spread bad luck and bitterness in the world. You may win in that particular situation, but eventually you will face the energy you’ve been spreading around you and lose some time later. Competition is a situation when someone is destined to win while another one is not destined to lose. That “loosing” party has another goal, which is just not obvious to that party at that moment.

So, in a situation like this, manifest a “win-win” way of resolution of the competition issue. Manifest the best possible outcome for you and for everyone. If you cannot imagine that best possible outcome, ask Æo to guide you along the best pathway for your life. Actually, this is a universal solution to all problems.

Ethics of Æo is the cornerstone of our philosophy, since it is related to the aureole (history and background) of each soul.


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