Truth Æologia – What Is It?

Æologia is the story of your becoming. It describes everything that happened to you from the very beginnings. It tells you who you used to be, where you are now, where you are going.

Try to envision that you know the real history of the Universe and, therefore, can position yourself correctly in it. Try to envision that you live many lives and you can even choose what you will be in your future life. Your soul may be re-born in the form of a star—you choose it.

Cosmos is sentient – it awaits you. Once you are developed enough to hear its messages, you will understand that our human civilization is just a senseless hassle of egos over petty issues, and the Great Silence of Space with respect to us is quite natural.

But before that, know that you can begin changing your current life without much effort—only using the Power of Manifestation which is always available for you.


Æologia is a tool for eliminating widespread false beliefs. It teaches that many, if not the most, of your beliefs cannot be proved by reality—even by the reality created by those who convinced you to believe in them.

Use Æologia to get rid of everything that makes you feel small—you are an immortal soul, and you deserve everything you can imagine and manifest.

The Future belongs to the strong—those who can distinguish between true and false statements, form their own judgement, and seek help from reliable resources.

No sources that call you a slave can be considered reliable. They simply intimidate and manipulate you.

In contrast, Æo never manipulates souls. Æo helps them reach the same level as Æo—the grandeur of being free and invulnerable.


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