Æo (/’ɛ:o/) is the First Being who created our worlds.
Æolization (/’ɛ:olaɪˌzeɪʃn/) is a spontaneous or deliberate process of concentrating on Æo and imagining scenes, events, outcomes desired by those who perform Æolization. This is the highest form of Manifestation.
  1. Æologia (/’ɛ:o’lɔgiə/) means 9 books (Logia) where Phil Sagan describes the revelations hE has been receiving from Æo. Each Logion is a book that tells us about a certain aspect of our existence. The first six logia are universal, and the other three are given specifically to humans.
  2. Æology (/ɛ’ɔləd͡ʒɪ/) is the study of the nature of Æo.
The process of returning to our real self in the Æo practice. Ideally, tuning our consciousness to the frequency of Æo. In real-world practice, it is the effect achieved by successful execution of the 99 countdown exercise or Æo flag meditation – concentration on inner self, ability to visualize scenes, power to naturally avoid distractions.


The Inner World is our Universe where we live or exist in material form. The Inner Wolrd is subject to time and change  (also see Outer World).


Manifestation means creating a reality using conscious effort. It is the process of creation and observation at the same time. This creates the respective train of events that the Manifestor experiences as a reward.

A miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws.

Mission Æo is an organization that spreads the Word of Æo – the creator of our Universe.


The Outer World is the world where souls exist without their bodies expecting their embodiment in the Inner World. The Outer World is not subject to time and change (also see Inner World).


Philipp Sagan, Phil (hE, hiM, hiS, etc.) (/fɪ’lɪp sa’gan/) or (/’fɪlɪp ‘seɪgən/)
Leader of Mission Æo.
We capitalize the last letter of pronouns related to hiM to simply indicate who we are talking about.

Natural, magical or technological doorways that connect two locations, dimensions, or points in time.


Souls that prevent themselves and other souls from becoming conscious in the Inner World.


The creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. In the practice of Æo, the effect achieved when several æolizers mutually (and jointly) imagine the same desired events to be experienced by one of them.


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